Deboned and stuffed Muscovy (female)

Average weight
2,25 Kg

Duck meat, salt, irradiated spices, vegetable oil, chestnut cream and cranberries)

Vacuum packed. Entirely deboned female duck, but for  the wings and drumsticks). Stuffed with ground duck meat, cranberries and chestnut cream. Serve 10 persons.

Thaw the duck. Brown the meat in the oven at 400F for 10 minutes, in an uncovered baking dish.
Add 700 ml of duck broth, cover and put back in the oven at 300F for 1,5 to 2 hours.
Baste the meat once in a while during cooking.
Remove the cover 15 minutes before taking it out of the oven to brown skin.
Take the dish out when the meat thermometer reach 160F.
Screen the broth, then thicken with some flour. Serve hot and enjoy.

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