Jocelyne is the mother of the four children. Deep rooted in the 4th generation family farm located in St.-Pie paradise acres in the Montérégie region, she wants to give her four kids the opportunity to keep raising Muscovy Ducks, and to achieve the full potential of the farm. The excellent relationship between the 4 children is the team main asset, giving them the strenght to continue this family odyssey.



Elise, being the oldest of the four, is heartedly involved in the « Canard du Village » farm. Combining family and work responsabilities, she frequently brings her two daughters to the farm. She feels blessed to be part of keeping the family tradition alive, being part of this unique brothers and sisters team.


Recently entrepreneur, Marie is a bubbly woman, with a comunicating joie-de-vivre ! With a degree in criminology, she decided in 2016 to join the family adventure to expand the commercial horizon of the « Canard du Village ». Bringing her sensitivity and her openmindedness to the team, Marie will help the product to reach new customers.


Managing and taking care of the ducks being at the core of his life since childhood, Gabriel now applies his inquisitive and meticulous mind to cutting-edge flock management practices. He decided in 2014 to biologically farm the family land, becoming the 5 th generation actively working the fields. With an organic certification that should be granted in 2017, he wish to produce and market 100% organic fed ducks.


Antoine is the youngest of the family. Since a very early age, he always worked passionately on the family farm. Now studying agri-environmental ingeneering at Laval University, in Québec, his education degree will provide the farm with a long term vision, actively linking both environment issues with good self-sustaining animal production practices.